Leo G. Carroll (1886 - 1972)

Leo G. Carroll, Actor: North by Northwest. One of the most indispensable of character actors, Leo G. Carroll was already involved in the business of acting as a schoolboy in Gilbert & Sullivan productions. Aged 16, he portrayed an old man in 'Liberty Hall'. In spite of the fact, that he came from a military family, and , perhaps, because of his experience during World War I, he decided ...

Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
(85 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Leo G. Carroll oblíbené filmy

95 Song of Love
Song of Love
70 Věčná Ambra
Věčná Ambra
83 The Parent Trap
The Parent Trap
86 Na sever severozápadní linkou
Na sever severozápadní linkou
83 Mrtvá a živá
Mrtvá a živá
70 Tarantula

1969From Nashville with Musicfilm

1968Helicopter Spies, TheTV film

1968How to Steal the Worldfilm

1967The Karate Killersfilm

1967The Spy in the Green Hatfilm

1966One Spy Too Manyfilm

1966One of Our Spies Is Missingfilm

1965That Funny Feelingfilm

1965The Spy with My Facefilm

1963The Prizefilm

1961One Plus Onefilm

1961The Parent Trapfilm

1959Na sever severozápadní linkoufilm

1956The Swanfilm


1955We're No Angelsfilm

1953Rogue's Marchfilm

1953Treasure of the Golden Condorfilm

1953Young Bessfilm

1952Město iluzífilm

1952Sněhy Kilimandžárafilm

1951Cizinci ve vlakufilm

1951Liška pouštěfilm

1951The First Legionfilm

1950Nevěstin otecfilm

1950The Happy Yearsfilm


1948So Evil My Lovefilm

1947Případ Paradineováfilm

1947Song of Lovefilm

1947Time Out of Mindfilm

1947Věčná Ambrafilm

1945Dům na 92. ulicifilm

1945Rozdvojená dušefilm

1941Bahama Passagefilm


1941Scotland Yardfilm

1941This Woman Is Minefilm

1940Charlie Chan's Murder Cruisefilm

1940Mrtvá a živáfilm

1940Valčík na rozloučenoufilm

1939Bulldog Drummond's Secret Policefilm

1939Charlie Chan in City in Darknessfilm

1939Na Větrné hůrcefilm

1939Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexefilm

1939Tower of Londonfilm

1938A Christmas Carolfilm

1938A Fireside Chat with Lionel Barrymorea.z.

1937London by Nightfilm

1937Stateční kapitánifilm

1935Dobyvatel Indiefilm

1935Murder on a Honeymoonfilm

1935The Casino Murder Casefilm

1935The Right to Livefilm

1934Mr. W's Little Gamefilm

1934Outcast Ladyfilm

1934Sadie McKeefilm

1934Stamboul Questfilm

1934The Barretts of Wimpole Streetfilm

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