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Los Angeles, California, USA
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95 Song of Love
Song of Love
60 Vetřelci z Marsu
Vetřelci z Marsu
The Lone Hand
The Lone Hand
The Fuller Brush Man
The Fuller Brush Man
The Blue Veil
The Blue Veil
The Mating of Millie
The Mating of Millie

1986Vetřelci z Marsufilm

1954She Couldn't Say Nofilm

1953Here Come the Girlsfilm

1953Invaders from Marsfilm

1953The All Americanfilm

1953The Lone Handfilm

1952Belles on Their Toesfilm

1951Her First Romancefilm

1951Katie Did Itfilm

1951The Blue Veilfilm

1951The Mating Seasonfilm

1951Week-End with Fatherfilm

1950Again... Pioneersfilm

1950Cheaper by the Dozenfilm


1950Rock Island Trailfilm

1950Saddle Trampfilm

1950Shadow on the Wallfilm

1950The Capturefilm

1949Rusty Saves a Lifefilm

1949Rusty's Birthdayfilm

1949Special Agentfilm

1949Top o' the Morningfilm

1948Family Honeymoonfilm


1948Promiňte, omylfilm

1948So This Is New Yorkfilm

1948The Fuller Brush Manfilm

1948The Mating of Milliefilm

1948The Sainted Sistersfilm

1947High Barbareefilm

1947Living in a Big Wayfilm

1947My Brother Talks to Horsesfilm

1947Song of Lovefilm

1947The Beginning or the Endfilm

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