Tala Birell (1907 - 1958)

Tala Birell, Actress: Air Hawks. Star of stage in Europe, she became just another "Another Garbo," like Anna Sten and others, whose importation to 1930's Hollywood led to movie stardom nary a whit. Her most often-seen performance is her brief role as the governess to the Empress's very young son in "The Song of Bernadette", who takes what is believed to be miraculous water from ...

Bukurešť, Rumunsko
(50 let) Landstuhl, Rheinland-Pfalz, Západní Německo
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Tala Birell oblíbené filmy

95 Song of Love
Song of Love
81 Leopardí žena
Leopardí žena
Mrs. Parkington
Mrs. Parkington
82 Píseň o Bernadettě
Píseň o Bernadettě
Till We Meet Again
Till We Meet Again
As Good as Married
As Good as Married

1956Jungle Safaria.z.

1948Homicide for Threefilm

1948Women in the Nightfilm

1947Philo Vance's Gamblefilm

1947Philo Vance's Secret Missionfilm

1947Song of Lovefilm

1946Dangerous Millionsfilm

1945Girls of the Big Housefilm

1945Jungle Queenfilm

1945The Frozen Ghostfilm

1945The Power of the Whistlerfilm

1944Make Your Own Bedfilm

1944Mrs. Parkingtonfilm

1944The Monster Makerfilm

1944The Purple Heartfilm

1944Till We Meet Againfilm


1943Isle of Forgotten Sinsfilm

1943One Dangerous Nightfilm

1943Píseň o Bernadettěfilm

1943Women in Bondagefilm

1942Seven Miles from Alcatrazfilm

1938Invisible Enemyfilm


1938Leopardí ženafilm

1937As Good as Marriedfilm

1937She's Dangerousfilm

1936White Legionfilm

1935Air Hawksfilm

1935Crime and Punishmentfilm

1935Let's Live Tonightfilm

1935Spring Tonicfilm

1935The Lone Wolf Returnsfilm

1934The Captain Hates the Seafilm

1933Let's Fall in Lovefilm


1932Doomed Battalionfilm

1931Liebe auf Befehlfilm

1931Meine Cousine aus Warschaufilm

1930Menschen im Käfigfilm

1930Tat des Andreas Harmer, Diefilm

1927Ich habe im Mai von der Liebe geträumtfilm

1926Nezahrávejte si s láskoufilm

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