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Gigi Perreau, Actress: Shadow on the Wall. A major little talent, this French-American moppet star of the late '40s and early '50s was not able to parlay her precocious popularity into a sizeable adult career, but has nevertheless maintained on the fringe for decades. Gigi Perreau was born in Los Angeles to a French father, who fled his native country at the onset of WWII, and an American ...

Los Angeles, California, USA
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64 Sammyho dobrodružství 3D
Sammyho dobrodružství 3D
95 Song of Love
Song of Love
83 Madame Curie
Madame Curie
82 Dvě děvčátka a námořník
Dvě děvčátka a námořník
74 Sedmý kříž
Sedmý kříž
49 Cesta na Měsíc 3D
Cesta na Měsíc 3D

2011Time Againfilm

2010Sammyho dobrodružství 3Dfilm

2008Cesta na Měsíc 3Dfilm

1978High Seas Hijackfilm

1967Hell On Wheelsfilm

1967Journey to the Center of Timefilm

1961Look in Any Windowfilm

1961Tammy Tell Me Truefilm

1959Girls Townfilm

1958The Cool and the Crazyfilm

1958Wild Heritagefilm

1956Dance with Me Henryfilm

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1956There's Always Tomorrowfilm

1952Bonzo Goes to Collegefilm

1952Has Anybody Seen My Gal?film

1951Lady Pays Off, Thefilm

1951Reunion in Renofilm

1951Week-End with Fatherfilm

1950For Heaven's Sakefilm

1950Never a Dull Momentfilm

1950Shadow on the Wallfilm

1949My Foolish Heartfilm

1949Roseanna McCoyfilm

1949Song of Surrenderfilm

1948Family Honeymoonfilm


1948The Sainted Sistersfilm

1947Green Dolphin Streetfilm

1947High Barbareefilm

1947Song of Lovefilm

1946Alias Mr. Twilightfilm

1946Každému dle zásluhfilm

1945God Is My Co-Pilotfilm

1945Voice of the Whistlerfilm

1945Yolanda and the Thieffilm

1944Dark Watersfilm

1944Dvě děvčátka a námořníkfilm

1944Pan Skeffingtonfilm

1944Sedmý křížfilm

1944The Master Racefilm

1943Madame Curiefilm

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